In addition to a complete offer of SOM boards and accessories, Som-my Smart Environment provides a comprehensive set of tools and run time modules able to accelerate customer projects and reduce risks and development costs.

Firstly the availability of a SmartBrain HW specific layer, and relevant recipes, allows the use of Yocto-based linux on Xilinx HW instead of Petalinux, allowing to easily integrate more devices into your linux kernel together with the availability of standard high level OS services, which can be installed accondingly to the application needs.

In addition the following tools are available within the Som-my Smart Environment:
- debugger for linux applications
- remote debugger via SSH
- Java Virtyual Machine and Pyton Interpreter (directly available on Som-my)

The development of the customer application can also be boosted by the availability of a set of Board Support Packages coming from SmartBrain's experience on developing on linux embedded and FPGA. These BSP can act as starting bricks and expertise vault which a project can start from.
Namely available BSPs are:
- I2C
- video emulator (VGA, LVDS, HDMI)
- AFE I/F (CIS, probe)
- motor control
- video overlays
These modules are constantly increasing in number and quality and are available for customer projects.

Main projects recently accomplished by SmartBrain includes:
- on-the edge IoT devices
- image acquisition and recognition
- Human to machine interface
- rugged industrial control systems
- motor control for industrial marker
- cluster computing.